Mac Medical Warming Cabinets

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Mac Medical Warming Cabinets take functionality and design to the next level. Quality insulation, cutting-edge heating technology, and the most updated security and logging features ensure that every warming cabinet is an asset to your medical equipment roster. Patient safety and convenience go hand in hand for all Mac Medical Warming Cabinets. You can choose from wi-fi remotely enabled warmers or warmers with data memories that store temperature records for up to 2 years.

Mac Medical Warming Cabinets

  • Digital or touchscreen control options provide intuitive user interface
  • Warming cabinets in a variety of sizes cater to needs of small and large facilities
  • Data recording and logging ensure patient safety and personnel oversight
  • Full insulation maximizes efficiency and energy-savings
  • Rapid heat setting options guarantee around-the-clock blanket availability
  • Meets rigorous industry standards for safety alarms and controls


Mac Medical Warming Cabinets are industry mainstays because their manifold features make them the go-to options for a broad variety of usages. Large-scale medical institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, and the like, use them for warming linen, blood, and IV fluids. Warming cabinets are therefore a crucial part of the hospital landscape. They ensure even temperature regulation for fluids that are often needed for immediate transfusion in operative or ER settings. Medical facilities and spas also frequently utilize warming cabinets to ensure a steady supply of warmed linens for their patients and clients.

About Mac Medica

Mac Medical’s mantra – “inspired to be better” – is reflected in their sleek product lines, thoughtful design, and the ground-breaking technology they consistently bring to each of their products. Their “made in America” commitment means that the level of oversight and care invested into each one of their products guarantees quality workmanship and enduring value.


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