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MRI or magnetic resonance imaging equipment is used for diagnostic, non-invasive scans that generate images of the body’s organs. Using radio waves and a magnetic field, a computer can display detailed scans of the organs and tissues in the body. With these instruments, professionals can rule out or diagnose a variety of health conditions that include cancer, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, eye and inner ear problems, and more.

Shop Best Medical provides healthcare facilities with a wide range of reliable and high-quality MRI-safe equipment. Shop Best Med’s products are designed for use in MRI rooms and near MRI equipment. Since metals can interfere with MRI machines’ magnetic fields and cause inaccurate scans, these specially made tools feature non-magnetic components that do not affect the reliability of MRI diagnostics.

Types of MRI-safe Equipment

MRI-compatible equipment features non-magnetic parts that make them safe to use in MRI rooms and near MRI medical equipment. The following products have been designed to be MRI-safe. Choose from an array of quality MRI-safe equipment, which includes the following medical equipment:

  • Linen hampers are designed to hold 18-inch laundry bags in MRI rooms, providing a convenient and MRI-safe receptacle for soiled hospital linens.
  • IV poles feature sturdy, height-adjustable, stainless steel construction that is tip-resistant and can be moved around conveniently via its 2-inch casters. They enable healthcare professionals to keep IV bags elevated and in place
  • Mayo stands provide a convenient tray for medical tools and supplies. Adjust the height from 36 to 58 inches and get an optional mobile base with your purchase.
  • Kick buckets give medical professionals a mobile and handy receptacle for medical waste. They have a solid base with wheels so they can be moved or “kicked” around during medical procedures. 
  • Solution stands are ideal for smaller pieces of medical and biological waste. Easy to clean and mobile, you can choose from models with single and double basins.

Features of MRI Equipment

  • Non-magnetic: MRI-safe equipment is non-magnetic and can be used inside MRI rooms. They have no metals that can interfere with the magnetic field and cause inaccurate scans.
  • Stainless steel construction: Durable and anti-corrosive, quality MRI equipment is made from stainless steel with high tensile strength.
  • Anti-tip and non-marring bumpers: Equipment like MRI-safe kick buckets and IV poles are tip-resistant, making them difficult to overturn. The kick buckets also feature non-marring bumpers to protect them from damage due to impact.
  • Swivel castors: IV poles, kick buckets, mayo stands, linen hampers, and solution stands are all mounted on strong, stainless steel swivel castors that can withstand high temperatures and bear appropriate weights.

Product Usage

MRI equipment is used in hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare institutions. Most importantly, they are used in imaging labs that perform services like MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, etc.

About Mac Medical MRI Equipment 

MAC Medical is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel and laminate medical equipment. They specialize in creating non-magnetic equipment that is MRI-safe. At MAC Medical, you can buy MRI equipment that’s made to last at reasonable prices.

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