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Surgical case carts are useful and durable medical equipment for storage. These mobile carts can be used to store supplies like sterile packs, medicines, diagnostic equipment, and more. A surgical case cart is a great way to keep them all organized, accessible, and neatly tucked away until they’re needed. They also make transporting different tools across rooms and floors easier.

Their stainless steel construction makes them easy to clean and light enough to move around easily.

Here are some of the medical case carts Shop Best Med offers:

Surgical Case Carts Features

Surgical case carts vary and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Here are standard features for surgical case carts:

  • Adjustable shelves: Easily store supplies, tools, and instruments on adjustable stainless steel shelves that can be reconfigured for daily use. Depending on your needs, you can get perforated or non-perforated shelves, and even remove them altogether for more storage space.
  • Soundproof: Soundproof material minimizes distracting noises while the carts are in use.
  • Stainless steel build: These carts’ fully welded, anti-corrosive designs and sturdy frames are designed to keep up with rigorous medical use.
  • Wraparound non-marring bumper: A wraparound non-marring bumper is solidly wrapped around the mobile base, providing durable protection against accidental bumps.
  • Strong swivel castors: Wherever you need them, these carts are designed to go with you with its 4 durable swivel casters. You can also lock them in place with the wheels’ locking mechanisms.
  • Optional features: Customize your case cart for enhanced usability. Optional features include additional shelves, clean/dirty indicators, flag systems, and tow hitches.

Surgical Case Cart Use

Surgical case carts are commonly used in most healthcare facilities. Since most tools and medical supplies for doctors need to be kept in sterile environments, case carts provide convenient storage and easy access to crucial life-saving equipment.

Regardless of the size and shelving configuration you choose, they’re handy and practical equipment that can be moved around and relocated wherever they’re needed. Their solid construction ensures that they can keep up with high-pressure, demanding, and fast-paced environments.

State-owned, university, and private hospitals, as well as other healthcare facilities, can operate more efficiently and in a more organized manner with the right case carts from Shop Best Med. Their case carts offer adjustable shelves that can be repositioned and taken out. Customers can also choose between perforated and non-perforated shelves as well as purchase additional shelves if necessary. Different case cart options such as sealed doors, glass doors, and stainless steel doors provide added versatility for a wide variety of uses.

About MAC Medical

MAC Medical has been a leading manufacturer of surgical supplies for over two decades. Made in the United States, they specialize in creating high-quality stainless steel and laminate medical equipment using robust technology and expert craftsmanship.

Their product line includes high-quality and sturdy surgical case carts that are designed for rigorous use in a variety of medical environments.

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