Surgical Closed Case Carts with Glass Doors

Surgical Case Carts With Glass Doors provide convenient storage solutions for medical tools and equipment. Choose from case carts with sturdy, stainless steel doors and case carts with glass doors. What’s great about surgical closed case carts with glass doors is you can see what’s inside without having to open the case.

Glass door case carts are a great option for storing a broad range of professional medical supplies. Surgical case carts hold important medical supplies, instruments, sterile packs, medicine, injections, and other supplies needed for day-to-day operations.

Surgical Case Carts With Glass Doors Features

Instead of stainless steel doors, surgical case carts feature glass doors that offer unique advantages:

  • High visibility: Transparent glass door fittings enable you to look at the contents inside before opening the surgical case cart.
  • Strength: The fully welded construction and solid frame of the case carts provide sturdiness and support.
  • Anti-corrosive: The shelves and structure are made from stainless steel, providing an anti-corrosive structure with high durability.
  • Swivel casters: Mounted on wheels, the medical case carts can be used to easily transport medical supplies and equipment across different rooms and floors. Upon reaching their intended destination, the swivel casters can be locked in place so they don’t move accidentally. 
  • Made for noise-free operation: The doors and tabletop can be used quietly and without distracting noises — a useful feature during delicate and complex procedures.
  • Adjustable shelves: Shelves can be pulled out and adjusted, making them easy to clean and handle.
  • Handles: An exterior push handle provides better control during transport.
  • Optional features: You can add a color-coded flag system to the side of the carts. Slidable indicators can be used to signal if closed carts are ready for transfer or whether their contents are sterile or not.

Surgical Case Carts Usage

Surgical case carts with glass doors are extremely useful in medical and healthcare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric wards, private clinics, government clinics, etc.

The main purpose of these carts is to protect their contents from harmful germs, bacteria, and outside dust and debris. They prevent the contamination of surgical supplies, which is a serious threat to hospitals and healthcare institutions.

In addition, surgical case carts with glass doors can hold many things within them while providing easy access to medical instruments that doctors and nurses need for medical treatment. They can also be rolled across floors and into elevators for easy transportation across departments.

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