Operating Room Cabinets

In the operating room, precision matters. Medical supplies must be kept at hand in an organized way for easy reach. That’s why Shop Best Med offers a comprehensive line of stainless steel casework to be used in the surgical theater. Operating room cabinets are a great solution to simplify the complex logistics of surgery. A stainless steel wall cabinet with a built-in computer desk allows medical personnel the chance to chart patient information right at the bedside. Operating room equipment supply cabinets also boast adjustable shelves that can fit pull-out bins commonly used to stock small surgical implements. When timing matters, healthcare cabinets with glass doors provide easy visibility and faster access to the necessary equipment.

Operating Room Cabinets Features

  • Desk cabinets with drawers provide storage space and a convenient workstation
  • Glass doors facilitate quick, error-free retrieval of visible materials
  • Tempered glass is scratch and heat resistant, guaranteeing cabinet casework durability
  • Adjustable shelves offer efficient usage of shelving space
  • Magnetic door has noise-free closure for a distraction free surgical zone
  • Recessed cabinets mount flush against the wall, saving floor space


Operating room cabinets are the stainless steel storage cabinets which surgical teams rely on for the surgical supplies and equipment needed during surgery. These medical storage shelves stock forceps, catheters, medication, IV bags, and warming blankets frequently called upon during OR procedures. Such hospital casework also doubles as a nurse’s workstation, allowing medical personnel the chance to document surgery results and operational requests in real time.

Operating Room Cabinets from Mac Medical

Mac Medical is inspired to be better. Using cutting-edge software, their research and design team creates quality, functional products that serve medical facilities for many years. Their intuitive understanding of what medical personnel need and want takes the features with which they outfit their cabinet casework to the next level. On the manufacturing floor, veteran welders with years of expertise under their belts construct the cabinets. Continued education classes keep those fabricators up-to-date on the latest techniques and best practices. Mac Medical’s rigorous standards of oversight ensure that only products meeting the highest standards of quality ultimately arrive at your facility’s door.

About Shop Best Med

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