Stainless Steel Casework

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In a hospital setting or any other medical facility, stainless steel cabinets are key: They provide storage that keeps medication, equipment, and emergency supplies right where they’re needed. Shop BestMed’s full line of industrial stainless steel casework cabinets are essential pieces of equipment that work for you, and your patients. Stainless steel healthcare casework are rust resistant and can easily be sterilized, making for great medical storage solutions. They can stand up to repeated cleaning from harsh chemicals without corroding, and are preferred for their versatility. Urgent care centers, labs, veterinarian clinics, and surgical suites all rely on these kinds of metal healthcare casework units as a safe and sterile storage solution. Glass doors, adjustable shelves, and large drawers promote efficiency and ensure continual ease-of-access to the tools kept inside. Choose from a broad variety of high cabinets, operating room cabinets, and scope cabinets to fit your specific institutional need.

Types of Casework Cabinets

  • High Cabinets are tall, stainless casework that are designed to save fit small, narrow spaces and maximize storage solutions.
  • Operating Room Cabinets contain drawers that are uniquely designed to fit commonly used surgical tools and appliances
  • Scope Cabinets have a dry air-flow system that cleans and sterilizes endoscope for future use.

Casework Cabinet Features

  • Stainless steel, medical grade cabinets are rust resistant and non-porous, inhibiting bacterial growth
  • Recessed cabinets mount to the wall, saving space and clean, sleek feel
  • Tempered glass cabinet door options provide easy visibility and access to medical tools
  • Adjustable shelves allows storage of multiple size and shape products
  • Electronic keypad door locks and other optional security add-ons protect against unauthorized access
  • Magnetic doors close smoothly and guarantee cabinet contents remain sterile.


Our stainless medical cabinet options boast a wide range of features that make them ideal for virtually every medical setting and need. Durable, stainless steel drawers have enough capacity and strength to store the heaviest of lab equipment. Built-in worktop desk spaces allow medical personnel a laptop dock for documenting patient visits. Healthcare cabinets with glass doors are commonly used to store catheters or chemical agents in hospitals.

Our medical grade cabinets with add-on electronic keypad locks are also in high demand: They are the preferred option for medical institutions that need to stock drugs securely. For endoscopy equipment, we stock scope medical storage cabinets with specially-designed holders which allow the tools to dry upright. Internal air vents immediately destroy moisture patches on the scopes, inhibiting bacterial colony growth.

About Mac Medical

At the heart of the success of Mac Medical lies a mantra that shines through in the clean lines and durable design of its stainless steel healthcare casework: customer needs are the top priority. Mac Medical’s commitment to quality craftsmanship has transformed the company into an industry leader. Pairing cutting-edge computer technology to the expertise of trained metal welders, Mac proudly stands behind each and every one of its products.

About Shop Best Med

Shop Best Med sells medical supplies and equipment that work well for various medical and healthcare facilities. We offer a price match guarantee – no strings attached – to every product they sell. We also provide unmatched customer service, and serve up a hefty discount on bulk orders. Buying a metal medical cabinet for your institution’s needs doesn’t need to be a hassle. At Shop Best Med, we make the experience a seamless one.