High Cabinets

Industrial, stainless steel storage cabinets need to have enough space to house all the equipment and materials medical personnel require. High cabinets perfectly fit the bill. These kinds of stainless steel healthcare casework are specifically designed to capitalize on all available vertical space, providing ample room for any and all size-tools. Their height also makes them ideal as room dividers that can provide a sense of privacy to large, open hospital units. Choose from a full line of products boasting features like adjustable shelves, customizable doors, and more.

Operating High Cabinets Features

  • Adjustable shelves provide custom storage solutions to fit every need and situation
  • Stainless steel material is durable, resistant to moisture, can be easily sterilized
  • Fully welded construction ensures unmatched cabinet strength and durability
  • Seamless steel or glass front offers a spacious feel
  • Magnetic door closure prevents contents from exposure to air contaminants
  • Large, firmly anchored 4’’ door handles facilitate one-handed opening


These high healthcare cabinets capitalize on every inch of available vertical space in your facility, making them ideal for a broad range of institutional settings. Autopsy halls, laboratories, veterinary clinics, and hospitals all turn to this line of stainless steel casework for unmatched storage with a minimal floor-space footprint. As stainless steel medical cabinets, these storage cabinets have non-porous, highly durable surfaces which make maintenance and sterilization easy. Welded from 100% recyclable material, these hospital cabinets are also preferred as an eco-friendly sustainable choice.

About Mac Medical

Mac Medical’s dream started in a garage where its two founders worked to construct a product they dreamed would revolutionize health care utility. Today, the company continues to break new ground with its line of industrial stainless steel storage cabinets, warming machines, and other medical facility solutions. Hospitals and medical offices looking for premier quality, cutting-edge design, and intuitive, user-friendly features in their medical setting equipment and furnishings know where to turn: Mac Medical.

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