Kick Buckets

Medical Kick Buckets

Kick buckets are utilized in medical environments to store medical waste. A surgical kick bucket is a receptacle made with stainless steel. It’s mounted on wheels and used in operating rooms to hold used, disposable items until they can be properly disposed of. These articles could be gloves, paper gowns, liners, blood bags, catheters, surgical dressings, etc.

Stainless steel kick buckets are convenient because they can be passed around by doctors and nurses during surgery. They can be nudged around or “kicked” with their feet, keeping their hands free for the procedure taking place. 

Types of Kick Buckets

Shop Best Med offers various types of medical kick buckets that can hold different volumes of waste. 

Different kick bucket options include:

  • MAC Medical Kick Bucket, Frame Only - No Bucket - If you need a frame replacement for your medical kick bucket, Shop Best Med offers this frame-only variant.
  • MAC Medical Kick Bucket, 13-quart Bucket - Measuring 14 inches tall and 13 ½ inches in diameter, this kick bucket has the largest capacity and offers a stainless steel frame and body.
  • MAC Medical Kick Bucket, 9.5-quart Bucket (Sponge Receptacle) - At 8 inches tall with ¼-inch diameter, this model has a shallower construction designed for sponges and smaller items.
  • MAC Medical MRI-Kick Bucket, 13-quart Bucket - This is similar to the MAC Medical 13-quart Kick Bucket but it’s safe to use inside MRI rooms.
  • MAC Medical MRI-Kick Bucket, 9.5-quart Bucket (Sponge Receptacle) - In addition to a shallower depth for sponges, the 9.5-quart MAC Medical MRI-Kick Bucket is designed for use inside MRI rooms.

Medical Kick Bucket Features

Most kick buckets share similar features such as:

  • Stainless steel frame: Kick buckets are made with anti-corrosive, high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel kick buckets are affordable medical supplies with high durability and high temperature resistance.  
  • Wheels: Every kick bucket comes fitted with 4 swivel castor wheels at the bottom for easy maneuvering.  
  • Perimeter bumpers: To protect the buckets from bumping into walls, each kick bucket comes with a rubber perimeter bumper. 
  • Solid base that won’t tip over easily: This ensures easy  handling where the kick bucket doesn’t overturn during high-stress situations. 

Kick Bucket Use 

As mentioned earlier, kick buckets are primarily used in operating theaters or rooms in hospitals. They’re used to collect articles for disposal during the procedure.

Once the procedure or surgery is over, the nurse will go through the disposable items to check if they’ve all been accounted for. This helps them maintain a record of resources utilized. 

Kick buckets are commonly used in hospitals, medical facilities, private clinics, dental clinics, health centers, etc. 

About Mac Medical

MAC Medical is an industry leader in producing state-of-the-art, high-quality laminate healthcare and stainless steel equipment, ranging from warming cabinets and medical prep and pack tables to case carts and solution stands

MAC Medical’s line of kick buckets include sturdy and solidly constructed containers of various sizes with MRI and non-MRI-safe variants. It also offers a frame-only product so you can replace your current kick bucket’s mobile stand.

About Shop Best Med

Shop Best Med is the leading brand and distributor of medical supplies and equipment for clinics, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, birth centers, dialysis facilities, and other healthcare organizations. By shopping at Shop Best Med, you can buy surgical supplies that are of the highest quality and durability. Our wide range of affordable medical equipment is designed for a wide range of medical applications and professions.