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Medical Tables

Healthcare professionals need a reliable, sturdy array of medical tables for a variety of applications. A stainless steel rolling table assists patient care by providing storage,workspace, and handy access to medical tools. Shop Best Med medical tables are used in healthcare clinics, hospitals, private practices, medical facilities, and laboratories.

Our medical equipment tables meet stringent quality checks which ensure that the tables aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting, rust-resistant, and stable.ShopBestMed medical tables on wheels are easy to transport, sanitize, and work on during surgical, testing, and other critical medical procedures.

Rest assured, our medical tables will exceed your expectations and prove valuable assets to your healthcare facility. Healthcare professionals can buy medical supplies from our extensive range of clinical equipment and accessories with confidence.

Types of Medical Tables

Medical settings require industrial rolling table options to complete a variety of functions.Metal work tables can have upper and lower level shelves, wide drawers, ergonomic designs, and adjustable set-ups. These workspaces are all designed to provide easy access, storage, and enhanced mobility for medical applications.

  • Instrument Tables with Undershelf are designed to accommodate medical and surgical supplies and operating room equipment for a medical operating theater.
  • 16-Inch Utility Tables provide medical staff with support and storage solutions to keep surgical and examination tools close by. Medical personnel can use the stainless steel instrument table to store all types of medical instruments.
  • 18-Inch Utility Tables can support and store professional medical supplies such as thermometers, medicine cups, syringes, disposable gloves, bandages, swabs, gauze, and dressing. The stainless steel utility table can also be used to transport and store medical items such as bowls, buckets, pans, bags, basins, and other such equipment.
  • Over Operating Tables provide surgical professionals easy access to critical- care medical tools during surgical procedures. A surgical cart or surgical tool table is a practical addition to medical clinics and facilities for all types of medical professionals.
  • Space Saver Tables provide medical doctors and staff with ample space toconduct tests, arrange medical supplies, and analyze patient reports.
  • Prep & Pack Workstations make it easy to set up laptops, examine diagnostic results and patient data, keep medical equipment, and access supplies. The stainless steel table with drawer features an ergonomic design with a customizable setup and adjustable features for hassle-free use.
  • Prep & Pack Workstations with Adjustable Height provide a comfortable working space for medical personnel to perform pressing tasks. Our prep and pack workstations offer a wide range of set-ups and flexible features that make work easier and more convenient.

Medical Table Features

  • Locking and swivel castors for easy mobility
  • Multiple drawer sizes for optimal organization and storage
  • Highly durable aluminum or stainless steel table with wheels
  • Rust-resistant surfaces and parts
  • Stainless steel worktable is easy to sanitize after every use
  • Quality medical instrument cart that meets universal medical needs


Medical tables come in handy for a variety of healthcare applications. Our reliable, high-quality instrument tables are designed to safely transport surgical, testing, and anesthesia supplies. Whether you’re in an operating theater, examination room, or lab, these rolling stainless steel tables provide support and optimal storage solutions.

Our medical tables can help simplify the process of attending to medical care activities, and emergencies as needed.

Efficient and Reliable Medical Carts by MPD Medical Systems

MPD Medical Systems, one of the leading surgical table manufacturers, caters to the needs of the healthcare industry with its range of high-quality, affordable medical supply tools and clinical accessories.

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Shop Best Med is a trusted partner of medical providers who need top-grade, affordable medical supplies, equipment, and accessories. We offer a wide variety of medical tables, crash carts, blanket warmers, IV poles, and other medical supplies for doctors to assist them with routine and critical patient care.