Linen Hampers

A hospital cannot function without proper linen hampers. Soiled and dirty linens that aren’t stored properly are not only unhygienic but can also spread infection and illness. If hygiene standards aren’t met, contaminated linens can spread infections that endanger patients’ lives.

A hospital linen cart is used to safely and efficiently dispose of soiled linen and garments used by medical staff and patients. 


Types of Linen Hampers

Linen hamper carts are sturdy stands that can hold soiled linen until it can be washed, sanitized, or properly disposed of. Most hospital linen carts are made of stainless steel while some are specially designated for storing hospital linen that have been exposed to infectious biological waste.

Shop Best Med carries four linen hamper options: 

  • Linen Hamper, Round can hold 18-inch bags with its fully welded stainless steel construction. Three swivel casters at the bottom make it easy to move around while a platform provides solid support and easy removal of laundry bags. The round opening of the linen hamper makes disposal easier.


  • Linen Hamper, Triangle has a solid platform to support the weight of laundry. Design allows 18-inch laundry bags to be conveniently detached while 2-inch swivel casters enable easy mobility. The triangular shape allows efficient use of space so that linen hampers can be conveniently placed in corners.
  • MRI- Linen Hamper, Triangle offers the same features as the triangular linen hamper (above) but can be used inside MRI rooms without affecting the results of magnetic resonance equipment.
  • MRI- Linen Hamper, Round has the same features as a standard round linen hamper (above) with the additional benefit of its compatibility for MRI environments.

Linen Hamper Features

Here are some common features that a linen cart offers:

  • Swivel castors: With handy wheels attached to the bottom, the linen cart on wheels will be incredibly easy to maneuver and transport, even when fully loaded. 
  • Foot-operated lids: To prevent contact with germs, linen hampers can be foot-operated so they can be opened and closed hands-free.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel hampers are affordable, easy to clean, and incredibly durable. 
  • Sturdy hamper stand: Linen hampers with hamper stands are more sturdy since they have a metal frame that holds up the medical laundry hamper bag.
  • Suitable for MRI: This means that the linen hamper is MRI-safe and can be used in rooms with magnetic resonance imaging equipment without interfering with the technology. (Only applicable to MRI-safe models)


Linen Hamper Uses

A linen hamper is used to dispose of or temporarily store soiled patient and medical staff gowns, bedsheets, bedspreads, pillowcases, covers, towels, and other hospital linen. By placing soiled linen in a common receptacle, it can be safely and efficiently transported to the sanitation department for washing or disposal.

Even though most germs are spread through direct contact, hospitals and medical centers need to prevent infections from soiled linens too. Bacteria and viruses can stay on cloth for a long time and pose a risk of contamination. Linen hampers ensure that soiled linen remains contained until it can be taken care of. 

A medical laundry cart or linen bin is widely utilized in hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, private and public clinics as well as other healthcare facilities.  


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