Data Logging Warmer with Temperature Recording

Mac Medical’s Data Logging Warmer with temperature recording is an ideal option for large-scale medical facilities. Choose from cabinets with one, two, or three independently controlled heating chambers, each of which is equipped with its own large, digitally controlled temperature and set point displays. Built-in memory software records all input settings for up to two years, making oversight and efficiency management easy. A rapid warm cycle feature (2-6 hour span, depending on load) has accompanying audio and visual alarms to prevent overheating. Keyed door locks on upper warming chambers prevent unauthorized access, and are available as add-ons for lower chambers as well. Mac Medical also offers mobile stands, bases, and roll-out baskets so that one warming cabinet can service multiple wings of a facility. Customized sizes, a door hinge for left-handed personnel, and a sleek copper alloy antimicrobial handle finish are available as add-ons for the Mac Medical warmers as well.