Scope Cabinets

Endoscopes are tubes that are inserted into the body and transmit images of the area they’ve been inserted into. They can’t fit well into a typical medical cabinet: They need to be stored upright, and frequently need prolonged amounts of time to air dry from the moisture they’re exposed to within the body. Industrial, stainless steel storage cabinets offer medical personnel a sterile and practical solution. In addition to the many benefits scope cabinets have that are similar to stainless steel casework, they are also equipped with special holders that allow endoscopes to be stored – and dried – upright. Slatted doors, known in the medical cabinet industry as Louver doors, offer superior air flow, facilitating a quick drying process. Built air vents that inhibit the growth of infection mechanically remove all the moisture where bacterial colonies typically reside. A removable drain pan that perfectly fits on the bottom of the hospital casework ensures that clean-up is quick and easy.


  • Padded back wall blocks internal moisture seepage
  • Stainless steel construction ensures that medical cabinets can withstand prolonged exposure to water and chemical cleaners
  • Additional lower rack keeps scopes neatly aligned without slippage
  • Glass hinged door allows for easy visibility and retrieval of scopes
  • Removable drain pan makes clean up easy and effective
  • Specially constructed scope hangers are compatible with all sizes and types of endoscopes


An endoscope stainless steel cabinet is specially constructed for storage of endoscopes. Since endoscopes are inserted into the body, they need a thorough cleaning and drying process before further usage. These cabinet caseworks cut cleaning time in half. After washing, the scopes can be left to drip dry inside. An optional add-on to the stainless steel scope cabinets — and a must-have.for large medical facilities — is power air vents. The air vents immediately dry the scopes, inhibiting the growth of bacterial colonies that frequently spring up near moisture. The vents can be effortlessly controlled with an accompanying digital timer that allows busy medical personnel a chance to focus on patient care.

Scope Cabinets from Mac Medical

Mac Medical has been a leader in the healthcare supply industry since the company began in 1998. Their fully automated fabrication line, coupled with their skilled craftsmanship, makes each one of their products a high quality product. Mac Medical leads the way in outfitting existing models with cutting-edge digital features that simplify logistical operation and maintenance of hospital equipment. Their line of industrial stainless steel storage cabinets have become mainstays of hospitals across the country.

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