Solution Stand

Solution Stands

Solution stands are a common piece of medical equipment consisting of a mobile medical basin fixed atop a high stand. They’re used as a temporary receptacle for medical and biological waste.

Mounted on wheels, these medical solution stands can be easily transported and moved around during surgeries or simple procedures. The medical staff use solution stands to store used tools, syringes, and other waste.

Types of Solution Stands

Depending on various medical needs, you can use different types of solution stands. Shop Best Med provides the following options in this category:

  • Solution Stand Single Basin is equipped with a single bowl or basin for storage or to catch medical waste. Single Basin Medical Solution Stands are especially handy for smaller and quicker procedures.
  • Solution Stand Single Basin provides extra storage for long surgeries or procedures. You may opt for Double Basin Medical Solution Stands that come with two attached basins.
  • MRI-Solution Stand Single Basin can be used for quick medical treatments that take place inside MRI rooms and near MRI equipment.
  • MRI-Solution Stand Double Basin can accommodate a larger volume of waste for lengthier procedures that are in close proximity to MRI machines.

Solution Stand Features

Medical solution stands have many features that make them convenient and easy to use.

  • Stainless steel frames: Our solution stands feature anti-corrosive and highly durable stainless steel. The medical basin stands are resilient, easy to clean, and aren’t prone to damage.
  • Swivel castor wheels: Mounted with 4 swivel castor wheels, mobile basin stand medical supplies makes portability incredibly easy.
  • Bottom shelves: Stands can be customized to include a bottom shelf, which is helpful for storing medical supplies for easy access.
  • Open design frame: Enjoy easy access to your surgical supplies from any side. The open design saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Detachable stainless basin or bowl: Removable stainless steel basins provide convenient usage and storage and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Solution Stand Uses

Solution stands are used in the healthcare industry for various purposes. They can collect waste, hold medical equipment, and provide medical staff with easy and convenient receptacles for used surgical supplies and biological waste.

Solution stands are used in private clinics, dental clinics, hospitals, healthcare and medical centers, nursing homes, psychiatric wards, etc.

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