Medical forceps are surgical instruments that are specifically designed to grasp and hold tissue and other material during clinical and surgical procedures. Forceps are used in a variety of settings to apply pressure, tweeze, pince, dissect, extract, or clamp tissue, bone, and other material. They can be self-closing, provide uniform tension, and allow for physicians to complete precision work. The unique design, size, and structure of each forceps instrument allows it to offer a specific function. Choose from our variety of Miltex Forceps for all your medical needs.

Forceps Features

  • Allows for precise maneuvering
  • Made of durable, high-quality stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Curved or straight tip for strong grip
  • Available in a variety of lengths and styles


Forceps are widely used by professionals in the medical and veterinary fields, including those who practice in sub-specialties such as gynecology and obstetrics, ophthalmology, surgery, otolaryngology, and more. They are also used in laboratory settings for research and academic purposes.


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