Touchscreen Warmer with Ethernet/Wi-Fi Capability

Mac Medical’s Touchscreen Warmers with Ethernet/wi-fi capability not only come with all of the features which have made other blanket and fluid warming cabinets so popular, it also ups the ante by offering unparalleled remote access, remote tech assistance, and safety. Data logging reaches a new level of transparency with automatic digital signatures that record who used the warmer, and when it was used. On top of that, a sophisticated multi-level user security feature ensures only authorized use. An alarm log and an electronic temperature lock-out provide unparalleled safety. Built in ethernet and wi-fi capability allow users to operate the warmer via an app, and also provide text and email notifications to relevant personnel. Remote tech support and diagnostics ease the transition process, making the operation of the cabinet a seamless experience from the get-go. Finally, intuitive touch screen control is powered by easy-to-use software that can be downloaded in a variety of languages for maximal ease of access. Like the data logging warmer, the touchscreen warmer is compatible with mobile stands, bases, and roll-out basket accessories. Optional finishes include a glass door, antimicrobial polished door handles, and a celsius configuration option.