Isolation Carts

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Isolation carts are one of the single-most important investments for any healthcare facility: they ensure that infectious germs and diseases are kept at bay and not transmitted to the medically vulnerable. Uniquely designed medication carts in hospital isolation carts offer an organized setup for all basic personal protective gear, and also provide space for medicine and single-use supplies designated for treatment of an infectious patient.

Isolation Cart Features

  • Drawers fully extend to offer immediate and unhampered access to supplies.
  • Dual system of swivel castors ensures both directional mobility and locking security.
  • Poly push handles ensure effortless maneuvering.
  • Variety of colored medication carts conform to virtually any hospital’s code of colors.
  • Structural design allows for easy cleaning and effortless sterilization.
  • E-Z Push stainless steel and aluminum material are corrosion-safe, durable, and dependable.


Medical isolation carts are crucial for protecting a patient population from virulent and easily-spread infections, and are used by professionals in virtually every specialty and medical setting. In cases where patients are quarantined, Online isolation cart provide a safe and efficient way of storing protective gear so that medical staff can deliver medication or treatment to patients in need. To mitigate the risk of germ transmission, isolation carts are built with smooth lines for easy cleaning access to all corners and compartments.

Quality Isolation Carts from MPD Medical Systems.

Quality Isolation Carts from MPD Medical Systems

Since MPD Systems entered the business of crash cart setup over thirty years ago, they’ve earned a reputation as industry leaders. That’s why MPD System’s medical isolation carts became mainstays during the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue to be one of the most popular lines of medical carts for sale.


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