Accessory Packages

Simply speaking, a crash cart accessory package is what helps maximize the utility of the crash cart. Getting the most use from crash carts will depend on the crash cart drawer organizers and accessories. For emergency carts, an accessory package includes brackets for oxygen tanks, utility hooks for hanging other emergency equipment, and a cardiac board suitable for performing CPR. In anesthesia carts, the accessories vary: they include a waste bin for immediate disposal of syringes, a trellis cabinet allowing for immediate access to suction equipment, and a medical drawer organizer.

Several options in crash cart accessory packages are available, and reflect their ubiquity in the field. While larger scale hospitals typically invest in a larger line of accessories, the value packages offer small doctors’ offices affordability and practicality at the same time.

Accessory Package Features

  • Plastic divider trays fully extend to offer immediate and unhampered access to supplies
  • Firmly attached cardiac boards, oxygen brackets, and utility hooks provide durability and strength
  • Trellis system assures extra stocking room for necessary supplies
  • Variety of colored medication carts conform to virtually any hospital’s code of colors
  • Structural design allows for easy cleaning and effortless sterilization
  • E-Z Push stainless steel and aluminum material are corrosion-safe, durable, and dependable


The crash cart accessory package ensures that the hospital crash cart is not just a medical cart with drawers on wheels, but a medical utility cart that functions as a key provider in the treatment process. Each accessory package was designed with input and feedback from medical professionals, and reflects that insight and forethought in its intuitive med cart dividers, tall drawer organizers, and essential crash cart accessories. Choose from anesthesia cart accessories packages, emergency accessories packages, and other med cart accessories packages for your convenience.

Quality Crash Cart Accessory Packages from MPD Medical Systems

MPD Systems have been crash cart manufacturers for over three decades. Over the course of their work in the medical field, they’ve had ample opportunity to learn what doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and patients need. Their understanding is reflected in their comprehensive line of crash cart accessory packages, which are intended to serve virtually every kind of facility and situation across the medical sector. MPD carts and cart accessory packages have a reputation of the highest quality.


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