Hypothermia Malignant Cart

Malignant hyperthermia carts are outfitted with a refrigerator, a digital thermostat, and specially formulated chill packs. These carts are designed for storing life-saving medication which can prevent malignant hyperthermia – a reaction people have to anesthesia – from becoming fatal.


  • Drawers fully extend to offer immediate and unhampered access to supplies
  • Dual system of swivel castors ensures directional mobility and secure locking capability
  • Built-in refrigerator and thermostat guarantees temperature consistent medication
  • Variety of colored medication carts conform to virtually any hospital’s code of colors
  • Broad assortment of cart sizes for a variety of uses in various settings
  • E-Z Push stainless steel and aluminum material are corrosion-safe, durable, and dependable


While malignant hyperthermia carts are mandated by medical protocols for institutions administering anesthesia, they are also used in a broad variety of other medical settings. The built-in refrigerator and custom storage space make the malignant hyperthermia cart a convenient and desirable option for any medical office storing temperature-sensitive medication.

The malignant hyperthermia cart’s features don’t stop with the refrigerator: This cart also offers innumerable add-on features to ensure that the crash cart’s operation is as seamless, stress-free, and intuitive as possible. Check out our glove box insert, collapsible side shelf, and portable outlet strip.

Quality Malignant Hyperthermia Crash Carts from MPD Medical Systems

Amongst crash cart manufacturers, MPD Systems ranks as a premier option. That’s because MPD Systems has consistently proven their dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Their eye for detail is reflected in the structural design of their malignant hyperthermia cart.


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