Crash Cart

Crash carts are wheeled medical utility carts with drawers used to carry medicine and equipment needed to perform emergency resuscitation procedures. They are mobile, self-contained units carrying all the necessary supplies, including drugs, devices, and other materials necessary for emergency procedures. You will find a defibrillator and heart monitor on most crash cart hospital online, since they are also required for cardiopulmonary arrest emergencies.

Crash carts are designed to be mobile, sturdy, and compartmentalized for easy access and organization of supplies. Crash carts vary in size, shape, and configuration, and their contents may differ depending on the needs of the medical unit utilizing it.

You can browse more crash cart categories and choose from our wide range of products, including emergency carts, anesthesia carts, isolation carts, accessory packages, and hypothermia malignant carts.

Types of Crash Carts

  • Emergency Carts are used by the Emergency Unit to carry and transport critical care supplies and medications like epinephrine, amiodarone, dopamine, syringes, airway equipment, IV sets, intubation kits, and saline flushes.
  • Anesthesia Carts are used by the Anesthesiology Unit to keep consciousness control medications and equipment like IV supplies, endotracheal tubes, suction catheters, and oral and nasopharyngeal airways.
  • Isolation Carts are used to carry materials like personal protective equipment, hand rub, disinfectant wipes, and isolation signs used to contain infection and keep patients safely away from others post procedure.
  • Accessory Packages typically include IV pole, cardiac board, oxygen tank brackets, utility hooks, and other supplementary features.
  • Hypothermia Malignant Carts come with built-in refrigerators and carry hypothermia blankets, digital thermostats, security sealing systems, IV poles, oxygen brackets, trays with dividers, and hospital-grade plugs with cords.

Crash Carts Features

  • Waist-high or chest-high for easy reach
  • Multiple drawers of varying sizes for optimal organization
  • Easily transportable with full swivel casters
  • Stainless steel or aluminum construction
  • Key locks safeguard access to restricted medical supplies
  • Available in various configurations, colors, and sizes


Crash carts are widely used in hospitals, nursing facilities, hospice care centers, and other medical settings, as emergency carry-alls stocked with commonly used medical supplies. They help ensure that medical essentials are handy, especially during an emergency.

Emergency supplies like alcohol swabs, povidone-iodine sticks, syringes, sterile water, sodium chloride, critical medication and pain relievers, and others are kept on top drawers for easy access.

Other easy access drawers are used for additional emergency supplies like adult and pediatric intubation devices, intravenous lines, and prepackaged kits for emergent and urgent medical procedures.

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