Anesthesia Carts

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Anesthesia crash carts are not just standard pieces of medical equipment for the anesthesiologist: they are also crucial for patient safety. The anesthesiologist overseeing multiple patients needs to have medical equipment within hand’s reach in order to make sure that the anesthesia does not interfere with normal respiratory or cardiac function. The cart, which stocks drugs that can stimulate a sluggish heart or set of lungs, is therefore a non-negotiable piece of safety apparatus.

Anesthesia Cart Features

  • Drawers fully extend to offer immediate and unhampered access to supplies
  • Dual system of swivel castors ensures both directional mobility and locking security
  • Poly push handles ensure effortless maneuvering
  • Variety of colored medication carts conform to virtually any hospital’s code of colors
  • Broad assortment of cart sizes for a variety of uses in various settings
  • E-Z Push stainless steel and aluminum material are corrosion-safe, durable, and dependable


Standard anesthesia carts are one of the most in-demand medical crash cart items, and are particularly common as medication carts for nursing homes, especially in those where surgical procedures requiring anesthesia are performed in-house. As a medication cart that contains potent medication, anesthesia carts have a lock to protect their contents from improper handling. More importantly, anesthesia carts also keep suction equipment, oxygen bags, and anesthesia syringes in their tall organizer drawers.

Quality Anesthesia Carts from MPD Medical Systems

Since MPD Systems entered the business of crash cart setup, they’ve established themselves as industry leaders. That’s why anesthesiologists in out-patient offices, nursing homes, hospitals, hospice care centers, and other medical facilities, rely on MPD for anesthesia carts.


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