MAC Medical Elite Emergency Cart Accessory Package TEP-A



  • TIV-1 IV-Pole
  • TCB-1 Cardiac Board
  • TSN-2 Side Shelf
  • TDT-1/TDV-10 Tray w/Lid and Dividers
  • TSU-1 Suction Unit Holder
  • TDS-1 Defib Swivel Shelf
  • TUH-1 Utility Hooks
  • TMT-3K x2 4-3″ Trays, 8 Long and 16 Short Dividers (fills 2-3″ drawers)
  • TMT-5K 2-5″ Trays, 2 Long and 4 Short Dividers (fills 1-6″ drawer)
  • TPS-1 Plastic Seals (100/pkg)
  • TLH-3 Label Holders (12/pkg)
  • TOB-1 Oxygen Tank Brackets
  • TOS-15 Electric Outlet Strip

NOTE: Cart shown for illustration purposes only and is NOT included.

This item is a custom item and cannot be returned

This item usually ships in 7 business days