ivNow Fluid Warmer

ivNow Fluid Warmers are requisite for every medical facility, and with good reason. To meet the needs of your personnel and patients, ShopBestMed offers multiple pod options, all of which are equipped with digital interfaces that record the stored bags’ temperature setting. Specifically worthy of note is Enthermics’ contribution to the fluid pod line with the ivNext Fluid Warmer. The ingenious pod design ensures convenient and immediate access to warmed fluids. No guesswork is involved in determining the storage bags’ temperature when utilizing a high-quality ivNow fluid warmer. An IV pole that is compatible with the ivnow Fluid Warmers can be purchased as an add-on. This cutting-edge product takes IV fluid warming and storage to the next level. Color-coded lighting inside the warmers tints the bags different shades based on expiry date and internal temperature. This ensures safety and ease of access to the right bag of fluid.