Countertop Fluid Warmers

Countertop Fluid Warmers come in a variety of sizes that fit virtually any medical need. Choose from warmers that fit up to 12 or 20 1-liter bottles. They can also be used to store bagged fluids. Smaller models can keep 16 1-liter bags, and the bigger sized model can hold 28 1-liter bags. These countertop models are compact, and easily fit onto table and counter surfaces. Optional features include a door lock to prevent unauthorized access, anchors to prevent tipping, casters for mobility, and an adaptor package that allows the warmers to be stacked. Mobile cart countertop warmers to different floors and wings. Digital controls on all these countertop warmers provide users with an easy-to-use interface, and all fluid warmers in this line are safe for use on both counters and the floor.