Blanket And Fluid Warmers

Enthermics’ full line of dual blanket-fluid warmers gives you more options for your space with its uniquely designed trays that holds and heats both blankets and fluids simultaneously or in interchangeable quantities. The most basic model holds a capacity of 25-30 blankets and 18 1-liter bottles. If you want to maximize fluid storage space, another blanket and fluid warm option boasts a capacity of 20-25 blankets and 54 1-liter bottles. If fluid bags are more commonly needed instead, that translates to a chamber which has room for 72 1-liter bags. There are also dual blanket-fluid warming cabinets that have room for up to 54 blankets, or a combination of blankets and fluid. All models boast separate controls which ensure that different chambers heat to different temperatures simultaneously. Every warmer option can also be equipped with a factory-installed door lock to ensure maximal safety and protection. While many of the offerings in this line boast casters for easy mobility, others, for the purpose of firm anchorage, are intended to be docked in a specific location for use.